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What can Affiliate software do for my company?

Many business owners have asked this same question over and over. The answer is clear. Affiliate Software offers the least risky, least expensive way, by far, to acquire new customers and to increase your sales in a short period of time. Through using Affiliate software, your business can advertise and only pay when a sale is made. Through using Affiliate software, you don't have to worry about advertising, you wait for your affiliates to get the customers for you, which you pay out a commission on each sale. This creates a win-win situation for both the affiliate and you, the business owner. You always have control over your affiliates and you can view stats to see who is bringing in the most business for you.

With the ever-increasing popularity of affiliate programs on the Internet, there are more and more companies offering to help you setup your own affiliate programs using their software or services. We have researched some of the best Affiliate software packages available today and combined them into one page to give you a number of options. Check our Affiliate Software page for our list of winners.

There are several ways you can start your Affiliate Programs or compensate your associates.

One method is a pay-per lead program. The affiliate is paid for each "lead" they send you. The affiliate can post a form at his site for you, and for anyone who fills out the form and submits it, you pay a referral fee to the affiliate for that lead. Or your affiliates display a banner, text link or button to your site and if someone clicks through they are presented with a form they can fill out. That form can be anything… a request for more information about a product, a request for a quote, or do something like downloading a trial version of a software program. Regardless of what the visitor is asked to do... your associates are paid for each lead they send you (or each time a form is submitted).

Another method is a revenue sharing program. This is by far the most popular type of Affiliate Programs. Basically you are offering your affiliates a portion of the profits on everything that is sold.

Affiliate marketing is an innovative way to generate additional profit by means of revenue sharing advertising between affiliate and merchant web sites. Affiliate sites promote the merchant's products or services to the visitors via marketing channels for example; banner ads, text links, email, and HTML banners.

Merchants recruit content sites to partner as affiliates in exchange for commission, which is usually a flat fee per lead/sale or percentage amount based on the value of the sale. Paying only when a sale or lead occurs. Merchants provide advertising banners and text links to affiliates, the Merchant has the ability to assign a commission for multiple different actions the consumer performs.

Affiliates place just a few lines of HTML code into their web site in order to display the text links or banners from their chosen merchant offer. When a consumer clicks on any of these links they will be redirected to the merchants web site. Providing the consumer completes the requirements to be classed as a lead or sale, the transaction is reported back to the affiliate network, and this results in commission for the affiliate.

Affiliate marketing allows affiliates and merchants to profit online alike and removes increases a merchants return on investment for marketing. Affiliate marketing really is the only 'pay-per-performance' method for growing your online business.


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