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Modern bar code software makes it possible to store and sort vast amounts of information that would have been thought impossible just a few years ago. In fact, bar code software has advanced so much since originally developed that the creators of bar code software would be astounded today at how often it is used, where it is used, and how much information is manipulated.

Bar code software takes the information from the bar code on a product for sale in a store and enters it into a point of sales database, specifically designed to operate with the bar code software. It will contain information on the product including the wholesale price, the retail price that it is selling for, the company that manufactured it, when it came into the store, and when it must be sold by.

The same bar code software that gathers and uses information on the product will also match information on the purchaser. Bar code software is used to scan the customer’s credit or debit card, and in some stores the frequent shopper card. This card goes by many names, including valued customer card. The bar code on the card, read by the bar code reader and utilized by the bar code software, sorts information on a customer’s buying patterns, storing it in a company database. A benefit of this bar code software to the customer, in some stores, are automatic discounts on the product, suggestions on related products that might be of value, and even the printing of coupons for further discounts uniquely suited to the customer.

Bar code software allows a business to be more responsive to their customers’ needs, make specials available to them, and even track the areas their customers come from. Some retail stores use information from bar code software to determine whether or not they should open additional locations for the business in other zip codes. Without the bar code software gathering this information would be time consuming in man hours, and a hassle for the customer.

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