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When you think of educational software, you probably imagine software that teaches math or another educational subject. What you probably don't know is there are many types of educational software. Offered in just about any subject area you desire, you can select the best software to suit you or your child's needs. Whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, you can find educational software that is sure to help you improve your skills. Visual learners learn through seeing and auditory learners learn by listening. Then there are the kinesthetic learners that learn by moving and touching.

Choosing the best software for your child's learning style is important. Whether a child learns better visually, by movement, or auditory is important. Learning more about the best way your child learns will help tremendously in choosing the correct software program for your child. Find software that will involve your child in clicking certain areas of the screen if they are a kinesthetic learner. Look for vibrant colors and plenty of visual aids for the visual learner and for the auditory learner you should seek out software with interesting and lively informational stories and lectures.

Educational software is available in several categories. Productivity, tutorials, simulation, reference, problem solving and drills are just some of the category options available. Productivity programs are word processors often used for typing projects such as book reports and spreadsheets. Reference programs will include dictionaries, encyclopedias and more specific topics such as a mammal reference or volcano reference software program. These learning tools come with outstanding graphics for visual learners and often include sound for those who learn best editorially. Clickable areas make them interactive for those kinesthetic learners.

Many reading software programs are available and will include enhanced animation, talking characters, and clickable objects. There are many mathematical software games to choose from. Select educational software from those that provide basic math solving to interactive mathematical software that lets you use your basic math skills to complete a search or other type of adventure. Selecting the correct software for your individual learner should be easier once you've learned which type of educational software will benefit them the most.

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