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Landlord Forms

There are many landlord forms that every owner turned leaser needs to be aware of. There are forms that cover every aspect of the renting world to cover both the landlord and the tenant. Below is some of the most important landlord forms that you will need to get a hold of and the ones that are commonly used.

Landlord Insurance: you will usually need to fill out a landlord insurance form to cover both property and liability insurance. These insurances cover property damage and any injuries that may happen on your land.

Leasing Agreement: this is the most commonly used of all landlord forms. Most lease agreements are about who is renting your property, for how long, rental price and your terms and conditions on what can and cannot be done on your property. You can work out the terms of your lease with your tenant or you can have a premade set of rules. When you and your tenant sign this lease form make sure that your tenant reads over the agreement.

Eviction Notice: you will only need this type of landlord form if your tenant is not paying rent or is not abiding by the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. It is advised that you take this course of action only after talking with your tenant about the problem and they have ignored them. Usually you will need to go through the courts to process this form.

There are over one hundred and fifty different landlord forms available. Some of these forms you will need, others you won’t, it all depends on your circumstances. Each form may also differ from state to state. You can get landlord forms from your local court house or on the internet, some of them are free, some are not. You can also get these forms through a kit that you can specially purchase through various outlets. If you need more information on what landlord form you or your tenant need to complete you should seek advice from your local housing authority or county court house.

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