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Landlord Software

There is an abundance of landlord software on the market today to help make the investment and working of your property easy and smooth to manage. Here we will look at some of the features landlord software offers to help maintain everything concerning your property.

Forms: landlord software offers you all the necessary forms that you will need to complete and file. These forms can range from taxes, insurances to application forms and lease agreements. All forms that come with this software are easily customizable, especially when creating lease agreements. You can even easily compile letters with their letter templates.

Rent: most software comes with a rent application where you can easily receive your rent from the tenant. With this feature the rent can come directly out of your tenants bank account, give you reminders when the rent is due, if it has been paid or if it is overdue.

Management: with landlord software you can easily manage everything from bookkeeping, tenant information, to receipts and invoices. You can also set reminders and add information about maintenance, both past and upcoming, appointments with tenants or other related persons concerning your property. This software feature gives you the ability to manage multiple properties and tenants quickly, easily and all in the one easily customizable place.

Records: you can keep all of your records concerning your property neatly within these programs. You can store records about your tenants, payments, taxes, mortgages, repairs and maintenance. With this feature you can even store photos of your property so you can compare the both before and after conditions of each tenant or any damages.

Using landlord software can really save you time by having everything neatly organized in one simple and easy to use program. Software programs for landlords loaded with every feature you can think of to help you manage your property with ease. They are well worth the money.

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