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Parental control software is something that many parents wished for, and then asked the computer industry to produce. Knowing there was a need for it, the industry has developed parental control software that gives control of a computer back to the parents, to keep children safe, the goal of all parents.

Using parental control software an adult is able to keep children from using some programs on a computer that are not suited for them. Parental control software also keeps surfing the web safe because it checks web sites and locks out those that are questionable for children, yet it allows adults to roam freely wherever they wish on the Internet.

Parental control software isn’t just limited to computers and the internet though. Cable and satellite television now often comes equipped with parental control software that gives parents a tool to keep their children away from television programs that are of an adult nature, R rates, or simply not something the parent wants the child to see right now. Parental control software is great for television because so often children are left viewing programs when adults become occupied with other things that they must do. Many parents would prefer to be in the room when their child watches television, but can’t for various reasons. Parental control software allows the parent to exert control even at a distance.

On the internet balancing an adult’s right to free speech and free expression with a parent’s need to protect a child has always been a concern. Parental control software seems to be a solution to the problem, that helps parents to protect their children without stopping adults from making their own decisions. In that respect, parental control software is a powerful tool to use in effective child raising, and something that all parents should look and consider as a tool for responsible parenting.

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