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POS software (also referred to as PoS) stands for point of sale. A POS system is a computer based instrument that has many functions. Some of these functions include the ability to record sales and sales related data, the charting of sales reports as well as the essential role it plays in tax account records. POS software can also allow for the tracking of inventory and the ordering and re-ordering of purchases made by customers of the said business.

Many companies and service industries use POS software on a regular basis to keep abreast of the activity taking place in their companies. Some of these industries include retail and grocery establishments, liquor stores, gas stations and the hospitality industry. The POS system can be customized to fit whatever needs the business has at any given time.

POS software includes what is known as a POS terminal or EFTPOS. This device enables customers the option of using the convenient debit banking system as a method of paying for their purchases if they so choose.

POS software is an invaluable resource for thriving businesses because it provides marketing, sales and inventory management tools to increase customer orders, reduce labor issues and improve upon profit margins. By choosing to put into place a POS software system, sales go up, which in turn encourages better customer service and targets customers that bring in a large amount of business. It also allows for the decrease of losses and improved inventory control. Expenses in a general sense are reduced and this makes for a more precise form of purchasing order management.

To use a restaurant as an example, POS software has the ability to improve the rate of service and the accuracy by which orders are taken. Customers are more likely to be loyal to a particular establishment and return time and time again when excellent service is guaranteed. Owners of POS software exert greater control over discounts, promotions and promotional merchandise and the routine balancing of the books in the event of a tax audit. Chefs can plan recipes and food purchases much easier using POS software as it provides what is referred to as “real time information” in regards to the performance of specific menu items. POS software also assists in other areas of the restaurant industry including the usage of food and drinks as well as controlling levels of theft.

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