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Ask most computer users if they know what spy satellite software is and the answer is probably yes. Spy software has been around long enough to have come to the notice of most computer users, and most of them equate it in their minds with viruses, Trogon horses, adware and the common cold as things they wish to avoid.

While spy software has picked up a bad reputation, it will probably not be harmful to a computer. The reason that most people have a dislike for spy software is that they usually see it as an infringement on their privacy. Spy software tracks internet movements of an individual, and can report back web surfing habits to companies who want to market products to people who go to particular types of web sites. In this sense spy software is a marketing tool. However, as valuable as the marketing information may seem to some businesses, most if not all computer users see it as intrusive, and as a source of unwanted Spam. If spy software has a place, it has yet to prove it to most users.

Spy software tracking movements has led many computer programmers to come up with anti spy software to counter the efforts of the spy software. Many types of anti spy software are available on the internet for download, or available in any brick and mortar store where you find software for sale. Anti spy software is rapidly growing in popularity and in usage, and may someday make spy software obsolete, but right now it has the makers of spy software finding more innovative ways for their spy software to keep track of users’ computer movements.

Many computer users blame spy software for problems they have had with their computers, even if the problems actually came from another source, such as a computer virus. For this reason and the privacy concerns spy software is not a welcome guest on most computers, and more and more people are turning to the popular anti spy software programs to counter it.

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