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Stock trading software has changed the lives of many people, both in the US and throughout the world. The reason for this is simple. Stock trading software allows an individual to keep track of equity stock investments, and even stock options on a daily and even an hourly basis.

Using stock trading software an investor is able to stay home all day in pajamas if he or she wishes and keep track of stocks online, watching the rise and fall of prices, and selling or buying stocks as the price hits the desired level, or selling those stocks that start to loose value as soon as they are able.

One problem with stock trading software in the opinion of some is that there is no broker involved giving advice on which stocks to buy or sell. Other people though look at that as an advantage since the price of transactions is reduced to a small, simple fee without a commission to be paid to a broker. Of course, an untrained individual can make a bad decision, but many investors who use stock trading software look at it as a challenge they can rise to, educating themselves on individual stocks and the trends in the marketplace.

One user of stock trading software reported that he had a strong run of success buying and selling the same stock several times. He had noticed, using his stock trading software, that a particular Fortune 500 stock was selling for a few cents less every day than it was being priced at the next morning. He got in the habit of selling his shares every night and buying replacement shares every morning, which he would in turn re-sell using his stock trading software that evening. That frequent transaction alone was enough to convince him of the benefit of his stock trading software.

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