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Video Editing Software

Video editing software is a type of application software that takes place on a computer and involves the editing of video footage and material. Video editing software includes such things as the importation and exportation of video works, adding special effects to video sequences, the ability to copy (or cut) and paste parts of a video to other videos and in some cases, the encoding of videos in order to manufacture a DVD. Video editing software sometimes involves the audio part of a video and allows for a small portion of editing to take place. If not editing in its entirety, then at least the synchronization of the video with the audio clip.

The pioneers of the video editing software industry used custom designed hardware in their video productions and exerted a fair share of influence on the editing processes that occurred in many movie productions and television programs. Video editing software can be found in every facet of the feature film industry today. It is also used by news programming and many smaller corporations that produce shorts.

Video editing software has improved greatly over the years and advanced to where computers are now utilized for non-linear editing purposes. In today’s bustling society video editing would be extremely elementary without the use of a computer. Specialist video editing cards form a vital part of the video editing software packages that can be purchased anywhere these trade items are sold.

Video editing software has its own unique definitions and/or terms to designate the meanings of various things. Video editing features often used in the industry include story board editing, timeline editing, trim video, video overlay, title overlay, divide scene capability, title templates, title customization and title animation.

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Other video editing features include video transitions, special effect filters, audio tracks, background audio files, voice narration recorder, audio mixer, trim audio, slow/fast motion effects, CD audio import and MP3 audio import.

Capturing clips on video makes up a large portion of video editing software. There are different forms of capture features and these include analog capture, batch capture, DV capture, micro DV capture, scene content detection, DV time scene detection as well as digital photo import and video file import.

Video editing software can be as complex as you care to make it. The further you delve into this creative industry the more elaborate it becomes. Video enthusiasts know all the ins and outs of the video trade although advancements are being made all of the time.

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